Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Present Ever!

I went and met my doctor on Thursday, July 14th and loved her! She's young and upbeat which made me feel very comfortable since I was really nervous! All is good with the me and the baby, peanut is healthy and growing and moving like crazy! I can't feel the baby moving but I saw the baby flipping and turning all over the place when I had an ultrasound that day, best birthday present ever. It's really weird to think that's what is going on inside of me, my little peanut is dancing and being active already! I wish I could have taken a video for Dylan to see since he was working. It's really hard to explain exactly what the baby was doing and for it to impact him the way it impacted me! The doctor was joking around and said probably means it's a boy (Dylan was stoked about that) but that's not for sure since it's too early to tell. My mom is determined it's a girl and she's dancing like her mommy! I can't wait to find out whether I'm having a girl or boy, I find out SEPTEMBER 8TH! I don't want to wait that long, I'm ready to buy cute stuff and set up peanut's room!

School: Ehhh, I'm kind of ready for school to start, I love having a change in my routine but of course two months into school, I'll be ready to be out of there! I'm taking three classes at ACC and one online and working every day at the daycare. I'm going to be so tired but I am determined to finish school, even when peanut gets here! I've got everything set up to get my Associates Degree then I plan on applying to Texas State in the spring for the fall semester of 2012!!!

I'll post a picture of my belly on July 25th, not much has changed! I just feel chubbier when I know in reality I haven't gained any weight!

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