Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm 20 weeks and we found out the news this morning, Peanut is a girl!!! Dylan and I are both very happy we're having a healthy baby girl! Although Dylan wanted a boy really bad, I could tell he was happy seeing his baby girl on the screen for the first time. Her name will be Brooklyn Kaylene Bennatt! My mom picked out Brooklyn and I fell in love and my best friends middle name is Kaylene so it's perfect! She is healthy and growing at the right pace, she wasn't as active today as last time but she was sucking on her hands the whole time, which was the cutest thing ever! We got to see her fingers, toes, legs, arms, head, nose, mouth, heart, everyything! Peanut is 11oz. right now, big babyyy! She even looks like she's going to have big eyes like her momma, yayyy!! I don't have a big belly but I'm expecting one any day now, I've gotten somewhat bigger from July (pictures underneath). I can't wait for people to look at me and know I'm pregnant, not think I'm chubbier than I used to be, haha! I haven't felt a definite movement from her yet but I'm still waiting. For the last month I was nervous, I hadn't heard her heartbeat in a month, hadn't seen her in two months, and hadn't felt her yet so I didn't know what to expect when I went in today, but all is well and little girl is healthy!! Sometimes I feel pregnant and other times I don't feel pregnant, I guess a part of me should be enjoying this time before I blow up and I'm uncomfortable all the time! I really haven't had any symptoms lately besides a few headaches and pains in my stomach due to everything making room for the baby. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far, fingers crossed! Dylan is doing so good with everything, he's so supportive and takes really good care of me whenever I am feeling bad. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend/future father to my child!


  1. Omg your so tiny! Ur ganna be nothing but belly! Brooklyn was the name my sister picked out for a girl, but ended up having a boy. I loveeee that name! Congratulations! Ull be a great mommy! :)

  2. Thank you and yes I've had the easiest pregnancy, all belly and no sickness!!